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Yes! PSP2 is finally announced and it will be out this holiday season! OMG!
Talk so much also no use, look at the chio photos of the new PSP2, named NGP! ( Next Generation Portable)

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Chinese New Year!

Yes! Chinese New Year in just one week time and i am going back to indonesia to celebrate with my family!

I didnt go back last year during this season due to Army, really happy that i am able to go back this time.

I love chinese new year season the most as you can see a lot of families travelling around the town to visit their family members or relatives. It is really a heartwarming sight to see them smiling, greeting one another and laughs together.

Love the bak kwa and the snacks too! Haha, usually will go around visiting different people’s home to taste different types of snacks like sweets, pineapple tarts, egg roll, etc.

Last week i went to Lim Chee Guan at Chinatown to buy bak kwa for my family but when i look at the queue i immediately gave up. LOL!

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Some photos of some amazing cosplayers! LOL!


Lol, while browsing for new games, i suddenly saw this photo of lightning and i was thinking, ” Hmmm, this lightning look cool and different”. And then i saw the title of the post, ” FFXIII-2 Officially Announced”
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Milk Cream

Today i get to eat this snack from Japan. Lol. Not bad not bad and…. Thats all for this post.

Wahahaha, the snack looks cute right! 😀


Well, nothing to blog, very long never blog, i got no life at all, staying at home whole day trying to think about what to do… bla bla bla…

Lol, what is going on with me? Hmmm, actually been doing something recently, hope it will be successful. But! most of the time i am idling. So i have been thinking, should i get a part time job? Or, just go back to Indonesia and enjoy my time with my family?

Anyway, been looking at updated news about 3DS. Seriously i am very excited to see what kind of quality it will produce and experience in gaming that it will present to me.

Well, we will see when it officially arrives to our shore. *Fingers crossed*

Dota 2

Yesterday i just posted on LOL, and today i found a wallpaper on deviantart on Dota 2!
Wow, it looks cool indeed. The graphics and the art of the heroes. Really hope that it’s going to be epic and better than the first one so that i may try the game base on the graphics itself. HAHA. Coming out soon on 2011!

League of legends

Last year, everytime I booked out, all I had in my mind is to go home rest and meet my beloved.

But whenever i had my spare time, there’s this game that never leaves my mind.

League of legends!
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8th of January 2011, it has been around 1 month since i last seen my camp. ORD on 10th December 2010. Kinda miss the life in camp actually. Wake up every morning at around 6am. March to have my breakfast, waiting in bunk for the upcoming activities, etc.

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