Lol, while browsing for new games, i suddenly saw this photo of lightning and i was thinking, ” Hmmm, this lightning look cool and different”. And then i saw the title of the post, ” FFXIII-2 Officially Announced”

Haha, excited but i kinda expected it as there was a news on the domain being bought over by Square-Enix like a week ago.

These are some of the photos that are spreading like wildfire on the net right now.

Go to their official website to watch their trailer in HD and you will like WTF!!!

WTF happen to Lightning? She’s like go back to the past with armor and funny costumes.
And who is that guy in black?? Look kind cool but who is he?

Haha, really want to know more. Ok, seriously, i really hope that the gameplay and the storyline would be much better than the original. Please don’t disappoint hardcore RPG fan like me anymore k?

Next, i hope you guys still remember FF XIII Agito that was announced for PSP?
Well, Square-Enix has officially changed the name into ” Final Fantasy Type-0″ because the creator think that the game was not abit similar to FFXIII at all.
These are some of the photos.