Watched the videos already? I am seriously amazed, especially by the last one which shows the gameplay and some footage in FFXIII Versus.

Seriously , the game technology nowadays are superb. If you watch the FFXIII Versus footage you will know what i am talking about. CGI in that game is amazing, look at the facial expressions and the details of the skin in the scene?

It is so real that it is scary. Nonetheless, its going to be a great game.

Have been waiting for this game for years and finally another great trailer to keep us waiting Again!! Hope this game will be exclusively for PS3, seriously don’t want to share this game with Xbox owners. LOL, i am selfish!

What i feel is FFXIII Versus is going to bring out the full potential of PS3. From what i see, it is better than FFXIII in everyway, graphics gameplay and story. A great step forward.

Gameplay wise very similar to Kingdom Hearts which is one of my favourite game too. After all it is created by some of the kingdom hearts creator.

Not to forget FF Type-0 for PSP. Finally another decent game by Square Enix for Psp. Although psp2 is coming out soon i still hope psp still wont disappoint. LOL! Hope this game will make me start touching my psp again.