Been playing this game on the move when I am outside with my Iphone. I realise one thing that is common among games nowadays. Ever since Angry birds and Plants vs Zombies got very popular, there are alot of new games that appear with names with birds, angry, or zombies.

Tiny wings is kinda different though. Although the main character is a bird but the game play is totally different from angry birds.

It is very easy to know how to play this game. You can watch my video below for the gameplay.

First, you start from your nest and you slide down by touching anywhere of your screen.

Do  succesful slides to pass the island quick and collect coins to break your high score!

There is a time limit in this game, try to do alot of succesful slide and you may travel to another island and break your own high score!

I can only play till island 5 as you see from the video. I have seen some players that are able to reach up to level 9!!! WOW!!!

Yup, i just notices this recently that the design of the island will change everyday. Also good this way, or not keep looking at the same old design everyday will make you get bored of this game fast.

Conclusion, this game is one of the must have for your iphone. It makes me wanting to get to another island and breaking my records everytime i play it but i advice you don’t play it often as everytime i feel very tense when i play it. Haha! Because i concentrate alot while playing then whenever i didn’t manage to do a succesful slide i will feel very stress because the time is running out soon.

Ok, that is all, will do my “Paladog” review soon!