Last month I received a letter from ICA that my application to become a Singapore Citizen is successful. YAY! BUT! I need to renounce my Indonesian Citizenship. Quite sad actually but what to do, I served the army for the purpose of become one Singaporean after staying here for around 10 years.

But the thing is, I don’t have a clue on how to renounce at all! I tried calling the Embassy many times on the procedures on what to do but not once they pick up my call -.-”

Sadly, I have to go all the way down to Tanglin Rd nearby just to get a piece of letter with intructions. What the… I wasted the trip and made me so frustrated as when I saw the instructions, there are so many things to do and my deadline is near! DIE! I thought I am going to lose this oppurtunity already. LOL, luckily I can change the date of appointment or not I will end up like the Japanese guy whose citizenship status was revoked.

My China friend told me that their procedures do not involve so many steps though.

Anyway, this post is to help those Indonesians who hope to be Singaporeans on what to do and you can save the trip down to the Embassy for the instructions.

1.Obviously you will have to receive from ICA stating that your application has been succesful. It will take 3 days for the letter from Notary Public (Lawyer Firm), Around 1,2 days for you to collect from SAL then to Ministry of Foreign Affairs , 7 working days for the Embassy of Indonesia to process the renunciation letter for ICA. So in total you will need to have around12 days for you to do all this before the appointment date that was stated on the letter ICA sent you. If you don’t have much time you better change the appointment.

2. Go to a Notary Public lawyer firm to help you declare your intention to renounce. Actually the Indonesian embassy didn’t tell me anything about this but i found this useful help from this blog It says that the Indonesian Embassy recommend this firm.

Tan, Lee & Choo Advocates & Solicitors
1 Park Road
#04-04 People’s Park Complex (next to Chinatown MRT)
Singapore 059108
Tel: 6535 6077

Don’t be mistaken by another law firm with almost the same name when you climbed up the stairs.  The firm is located towards the right side.

3. Prepare all this documents to bring there. ( Photocopy all this except the money for the trip to Indonesian Embassy )

– Approval letter from ICA ( If you change the appointment date, do print it out and bring there too.)

– Original Current Passport

– Original KTP ( Indonesian IC)

– Original Birth Cert ( Akte kelahiran)

– Citizenship certificate (SKBRI) If you have it.

– Original / Photocopy Kartu Keluarga

– Original your Blue IC.

– Money (LOL)

I was served by a friendly middle-aged woman who told me all the instructions. The fee is $150 + stamp duty ( around $30). You will be told to fill up form and sign the letter in front of the lawyer.

Your letter will be sent to Singapore Academy of Law ( SAL ) and you will have to collect it after 3 working days. The address is below.

Singapore Academy of Law

1 Supreme Court Lane, Level 6 Singapore 178879

Phone : + 65 6332 4388

Website :

4. Bring the letter you collect to Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Consular Service Counter
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Tanglin, Singapore 248163
Office hours: Mon to Fri 9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m., or Sat 9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

Website :

The legalisation will be done on the spot and costs another $10.

5. Finally go to the Indonesian Embassy in the morning as the afternoon is only for collection. Bring all the documents mentioned above there, the original and the photocopied version plus photocopied of your marriage cert if you have and photocopied version of your spouse IC.

You will have to fill in two forms and sign one of them at the cost of roughly $2 plus a fee of $32. It will take roughly 5-7 working days.

No. 7 Chatsworth Road
Singapore 249761
Tel. (65) 6737 7422
Fax. (65) 6737 5037 / 6235 5783

Note*** If you can’t change the appointment from because it says that you have to change it 3 days before the official date, just cancel the appointment, sign out and sign in again to relocate the appointment date. You are allowed to do 3 changes and miss 2 appointments. Please don’t play play with the gahmen. Haha.

6. Lastly follow the instructions from ICA letter that was given. That’s all. Cheers~~~