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Harvest Moon 3D!!! lol

Good news! haha. I am sooo going to get this 3DS for this game, not to mention Pokemon all this. But! let’s not waste my money and wait for the 3DS Lite news to be announced first. HAHAHA! This is because Nintendo tends to release a Smaller version of the original which is more portable.

The latest Harvest Moon plot revolves around two towns torn apart by a rivalry over food. As a new farmer, players will have to choose between the crop-lovin’ Eastern-styled town of Konohana or the meat-meat-meat, European-styled Bluebell. In time, players will bring a truce between the towns — likely by developing an industrial farming complex that buys out both towns and places all the local farmers into indentured servitude.
Miyake LOVES this game, LOL! It is the only game she over complete also. Harvest Moon 3D is going to be released on DS and 3DS!


Lol, there is a new windows circulating in the net right now which is windows 8. Currently it is still in the earliest build. It looks alot like windows 7 doesn’t it??  haha

Persona 4

I  don’t know if you guys played Persona 3 on psp, it’s a great game by the way. Played alot of it during the last few months of my Army days, lol. Get to know quite alot of the Persona series of games from that game itself. Well, although there are Persona 1 or 2 that is also available on Psp, I didn’t really get myself to try it out because the battle graphic is something like this.

As compared to this, which is on Persona 4.

As you can see, there’s a whole lot of difference! haha. I don’t mean to say that Persona 1 or 2 is not good enough, but just that the graphics are not appealing enough to make me play it. Haha, sorry to hardcore Persona fans.

I am really happy that another anime adaption of Persona 3 sequel which is Persona 4 is going to be out soon. There is an anime based on the Persona series that is out quite a while ago but it was not very well made as it is quite draggy.

Hope the new anime based on Persona 4 is going to be a great anime with lots of awesome and powerful Personas!

Click here to see the offical website of the animation.


My first pentakill with Nocturne. Wahaha!

Went for the nuffnang event above to company Miyake, Yutaki and Eric. Sit there… and wait for people to come in to donate for Japan. LOL! And of course, there are many other popular bloggers there as well.

The event was held at Parkroyal Hotel near Farrer Park Mrt station.

Bong qiuqiu doing manicure, yutaki and miyake selling photos and nendroids, there are blogshop owners there selling clothes, jessica selling cupcakes and many more~ Will update more photos regarding this event soon.

And yesterday, Me, yutaki ,miyake and eric went to a studio to shoot for clothes that are available at The photos are damn nice!!! Haha! Guess who is the photographer??

It’s me ! LOL! hahaha. k la.. Go to the website for more information and buy the clothes there!! hahaha
I didn’t forget to take photos of myself. Dyed my hair red and cut my hair short. -.-” Anyway the above photos of me taken by Yutaki. nice right~~~

Time to sleep. Goodnight!

Rango is…

Boring!!! haha. I thought that all animated movies are going to be funny and interesting but Rango is something else. Started out quite confusing, with jokes that i don’t understand. OR maybe i just don’t know how to appreciate this movie. Well nvm, it’s so long ago but i hope the upcoming animated movie ” RIO” is going to be much better.

Recently took a photo of me and my choco. Cute right~

My hair now is so terrible!! I mean i cut it again. The auntie downstairs like don’t understand what i said. I said keep length and trim those “tails” at the back. In the end, sigh, i look like a secondary school kid now. hahaha. Sian, i think until i reservice my hair is still going to be short and i still need to cut it again and then need to keep length again. ARGH~