Good news! haha. I am sooo going to get this 3DS for this game, not to mention Pokemon all this. But! let’s not waste my money and wait for the 3DS Lite news to be announced first. HAHAHA! This is because Nintendo tends to release a Smaller version of the original which is more portable.

The latest Harvest Moon plot revolves around two towns torn apart by a rivalry over food. As a new farmer, players will have to choose between the crop-lovin’ Eastern-styled town of Konohana or the meat-meat-meat, European-styled Bluebell. In time, players will bring a truce between the towns — likely by developing an industrial farming complex that buys out both towns and places all the local farmers into indentured servitude.
Miyake LOVES this game, LOL! It is the only game she over complete also. Harvest Moon 3D is going to be released on DS and 3DS!