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Harvest Moon 3D!!! lol

Good news! haha. I am sooo going to get this 3DS for this game, not to mention Pokemon all this. But! let’s not waste my money and wait for the 3DS Lite news to be announced first. HAHAHA! This is because Nintendo tends to release a Smaller version of the original which is more portable.

The latest Harvest Moon plot revolves around two towns torn apart by a rivalry over food. As a new farmer, players will have to choose between the crop-lovin’ Eastern-styled town of Konohana or the meat-meat-meat, European-styled Bluebell. In time, players will bring a truce between the towns — likely by developing an industrial farming complex that buys out both towns and places all the local farmers into indentured servitude.
Miyake LOVES this game, LOL! It is the only game she over complete also. Harvest Moon 3D is going to be released on DS and 3DS!


Persona 4

I  don’t know if you guys played Persona 3 on psp, it’s a great game by the way. Played alot of it during the last few months of my Army days, lol. Get to know quite alot of the Persona series of games from that game itself. Well, although there are Persona 1 or 2 that is also available on Psp, I didn’t really get myself to try it out because the battle graphic is something like this.

As compared to this, which is on Persona 4.

As you can see, there’s a whole lot of difference! haha. I don’t mean to say that Persona 1 or 2 is not good enough, but just that the graphics are not appealing enough to make me play it. Haha, sorry to hardcore Persona fans.

I am really happy that another anime adaption of Persona 3 sequel which is Persona 4 is going to be out soon. There is an anime based on the Persona series that is out quite a while ago but it was not very well made as it is quite draggy.

Hope the new anime based on Persona 4 is going to be a great anime with lots of awesome and powerful Personas!

Click here to see the offical website of the animation.

I don’t know if you guys tried this game but it’s nice! It’s available now at Garena by the way. Anyway i don’t know if I am slow or not updated but i just found this info about the new map that is coming out somewhere this year for League of Legends called Magma Chamber.  Continue reading

Tiny Wings Review!

Been playing this game on the move when I am outside with my Iphone. I realise one thing that is common among games nowadays. Ever since Angry birds and Plants vs Zombies got very popular, there are alot of new games that appear with names with birds, angry, or zombies.

Tiny wings is kinda different though. Although the main character is a bird but the game play is totally different from angry birds.

It is very easy to know how to play this game. You can watch my video below for the gameplay.

First, you start from your nest and you slide down by touching anywhere of your screen. Continue reading

Lol, these are some of the example of Kratos and how he would look like. Just for fun 😀


Watched the videos already? I am seriously amazed, Continue reading


Yes! PSP2 is finally announced and it will be out this holiday season! OMG!
Talk so much also no use, look at the chio photos of the new PSP2, named NGP! ( Next Generation Portable)

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Lol, while browsing for new games, i suddenly saw this photo of lightning and i was thinking, ” Hmmm, this lightning look cool and different”. And then i saw the title of the post, ” FFXIII-2 Officially Announced”
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Well, nothing to blog, very long never blog, i got no life at all, staying at home whole day trying to think about what to do… bla bla bla…

Lol, what is going on with me? Hmmm, actually been doing something recently, hope it will be successful. But! most of the time i am idling. So i have been thinking, should i get a part time job? Or, just go back to Indonesia and enjoy my time with my family?

Anyway, been looking at updated news about 3DS. Seriously i am very excited to see what kind of quality it will produce and experience in gaming that it will present to me.

Well, we will see when it officially arrives to our shore. *Fingers crossed*

Dota 2

Yesterday i just posted on LOL, and today i found a wallpaper on deviantart on Dota 2!
Wow, it looks cool indeed. The graphics and the art of the heroes. Really hope that it’s going to be epic and better than the first one so that i may try the game base on the graphics itself. HAHA. Coming out soon on 2011!