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Persona 4

I ¬†don’t know if you guys played Persona 3 on psp, it’s a great game by the way. Played alot of it during the last few months of my Army days, lol. Get to know quite alot of the Persona series of games from that game itself. Well, although there are Persona 1 or 2 that is also available on Psp, I didn’t really get myself to try it out because the battle graphic is something like this.

As compared to this, which is on Persona 4.

As you can see, there’s a whole lot of difference! haha. I don’t mean to say that Persona 1 or 2 is not good enough, but just that the graphics are not appealing enough to make me play it. Haha, sorry to hardcore Persona fans.

I am really happy that another anime adaption of Persona 3 sequel which is Persona 4 is going to be out soon. There is an anime based on the Persona series that is out quite a while ago but it was not very well made as it is quite draggy.

Hope the new anime based on Persona 4 is going to be a great anime with lots of awesome and powerful Personas!

Click here to see the offical website of the animation.


Chingay 2011

Went for chingay few months ago with Miyake. I went there to company her while she interact with the Japanese performers. It was my first time watching the chingay performers up close. I even saw my camp mate there! haha
lol, taken from miyake’s blog!
Got a chance to take photo with some of the people there, interesting right!

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