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Went for the nuffnang event above to company Miyake, Yutaki and Eric. Sit there… and wait for people to come in to donate for Japan. LOL! And of course, there are many other popular bloggers there as well.

The event was held at Parkroyal Hotel near Farrer Park Mrt station.

Bong qiuqiu doing manicure, yutaki and miyake selling photos and nendroids, there are blogshop owners there selling clothes, jessica selling cupcakes and many more~ Will update more photos regarding this event soon.

And yesterday, Me, yutaki ,miyake and eric went to a studio to shoot for clothes that are available at The photos are damn nice!!! Haha! Guess who is the photographer??

It’s me ! LOL! hahaha. k la.. Go to the website for more information and buy the clothes there!! hahaha
I didn’t forget to take photos of myself. Dyed my hair red and cut my hair short. -.-” Anyway the above photos of me taken by Yutaki. nice right~~~

Time to sleep. Goodnight!


Chingay 2011

Went for chingay few months ago with Miyake. I went there to company her while she interact with the Japanese performers. It was my first time watching the chingay performers up close. I even saw my camp mate there! haha
lol, taken from miyake’s blog!
Got a chance to take photo with some of the people there, interesting right!

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My relative wedding 2

These are some of the photos taken that day.

While they are preparing the torturing food of sour, sweet, bitter and spicy… Eeew
Wasabi and chilli!

” 老婆,我来了!”
Me acting as the 小舅, who is going to open the door for the groom.
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Last month I received a letter from ICA that my application to become a Singapore Citizen is successful. YAY! BUT! I need to renounce my Indonesian Citizenship. Quite sad actually but what to do, I served the army for the purpose of become one Singaporean after staying here for around 10 years.

But the thing is, I don’t have a clue on how to renounce at all! I tried calling the Embassy many times on the procedures on what to do but not once they pick up my call -.-”

Sadly, I have to go all the way down to Tanglin Rd nearby just to get a piece of letter with intructions. What the… I wasted the trip and made me so frustrated as when I saw the instructions, there are so many things to do and my deadline is near! DIE! I thought I am going to lose this oppurtunity already. LOL, luckily I can change the date of appointment or not I will end up like the Japanese guy whose citizenship status was revoked.

My China friend told me that their procedures do not involve so many steps though.

Anyway, this post is to help those Indonesians who hope to be Singaporeans on what to do and you can save the trip down to the Embassy for the instructions.

1.Obviously you will have to receive from ICA stating that your application has been succesful. It will take 3 days for the letter from Notary Public (Lawyer Firm), Around 1,2 days for you to collect from SAL then to Ministry of Foreign Affairs , 7 working days for the Embassy of Indonesia to process the renunciation letter for ICA. So in total you will need to have around12 days for you to do all this before the appointment date that was stated on the letter ICA sent you. If you don’t have much time you better change the appointment.

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Early in the morning, can’t sleep. Take photos! Haha. And one of them without my glasses on. 

See! I have nice double eyelid! Haha, I made them. I am born with single eyelids but somehow i can make my eyes to have double eyelid though. Sadly once i blink my eyes they will be gone~ Continue reading

Watched the action packed movie ” I am number Four” in cinema recently. Kinda draggy at the front part but no matter, the action scenes is good. Of all things in the movie, I love the dog the most. 😀

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Attended one of my relative wedding last month. First time I become the so called “small uncle”. LOL, didn’t know what to do.

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I am sure you guys know about the recent earthquake that hit Japan. It was truly one of the tragedy of the world.

At first, when i heard about the news, i thought it’s not going to be so serious until i watched the video below.

How could god do this to one of my favourite country! What will happen to the people, scenery and food there! I heard that this is the worst in the last 140 years!

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Been playing this game on the move when I am outside with my Iphone. I realise one thing that is common among games nowadays. Ever since Angry birds and Plants vs Zombies got very popular, there are alot of new games that appear with names with birds, angry, or zombies.

Tiny wings is kinda different though. Although the main character is a bird but the game play is totally different from angry birds.

It is very easy to know how to play this game. You can watch my video below for the gameplay.

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