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Windows 8

Lol, there is a new windows circulating in the net right now which is windows 8. Currently it is still in the earliest build. It looks alot like windows 7 doesn’t it?? ┬áhaha


Rango is…

Boring!!! haha. I thought that all animated movies are going to be funny and interesting but Rango is something else. Started out quite confusing, with jokes that i don’t understand. OR maybe i just don’t know how to appreciate this movie. Well nvm, it’s so long ago but i hope the upcoming animated movie ” RIO” is going to be much better.

Recently took a photo of me and my choco. Cute right~

My hair now is so terrible!! I mean i cut it again. The auntie downstairs like don’t understand what i said. I said keep length and trim those “tails” at the back. In the end, sigh, i look like a secondary school kid now. hahaha. Sian, i think until i reservice my hair is still going to be short and i still need to cut it again and then need to keep length again. ARGH~