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Early in the morning, can’t sleep. Take photos! Haha. And one of them without my glasses on. 

See! I have nice double eyelid! Haha, I made them. I am born with single eyelids but somehow i can make my eyes to have double eyelid though. Sadly once i blink my eyes they will be gone~ View full article »

Watched the action packed movie ” I am number Four” in cinema recently. Kinda draggy at the front part but no matter, the action scenes is good. Of all things in the movie, I love the dog the most. 😀

The dog that is a beagle that look like this, that can transform into this! View full article »

Attended one of my relative wedding last month. First time I become the so called “small uncle”. LOL, didn’t know what to do.

Anyway these are some of the photos. View full article »

I am sure you guys know about the recent earthquake that hit Japan. It was truly one of the tragedy of the world.

At first, when i heard about the news, i thought it’s not going to be so serious until i watched the video below.

How could god do this to one of my favourite country! What will happen to the people, scenery and food there! I heard that this is the worst in the last 140 years!

8.9 magnitude! I heard even a grown, strong man can’t even stand and not to forget the Tsunami! View full article »

Been playing this game on the move when I am outside with my Iphone. I realise one thing that is common among games nowadays. Ever since Angry birds and Plants vs Zombies got very popular, there are alot of new games that appear with names with birds, angry, or zombies.

Tiny wings is kinda different though. Although the main character is a bird but the game play is totally different from angry birds.

It is very easy to know how to play this game. You can watch my video below for the gameplay.

First, you start from your nest and you slide down by touching anywhere of your screen. View full article »

Lol, these are some of the example of Kratos and how he would look like. Just for fun 😀


Watched the videos already? I am seriously amazed, View full article »


Yes! PSP2 is finally announced and it will be out this holiday season! OMG!
Talk so much also no use, look at the chio photos of the new PSP2, named NGP! ( Next Generation Portable)

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Chinese New Year!

Yes! Chinese New Year in just one week time and i am going back to indonesia to celebrate with my family!

I didnt go back last year during this season due to Army, really happy that i am able to go back this time.

I love chinese new year season the most as you can see a lot of families travelling around the town to visit their family members or relatives. It is really a heartwarming sight to see them smiling, greeting one another and laughs together.

Love the bak kwa and the snacks too! Haha, usually will go around visiting different people’s home to taste different types of snacks like sweets, pineapple tarts, egg roll, etc.

Last week i went to Lim Chee Guan at Chinatown to buy bak kwa for my family but when i look at the queue i immediately gave up. LOL!

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